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Liveryman Blacksmith Steve Miller AWCB
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We sent out drawings, and we were off the starting blocks! At this point I realised how long it takes to email about 30 people at a time, so Sue stepped in, took over some of the e-mailing and generally helped organise the operation.

The next phase was to have the forge-m at the forge of Nigel Barnett FWCB in Norfolk. Adrian Oliver and Nigel organised this so that I could get the framework made. Individual pieces were collected, sent by carrier or gathered up and brought with the kind help of Past Prime Warden Hugh Adams CWCB. Adrian and Jane Oliver arrived with huge support and, crucially, wonderful supplies of food and beverages to fuel the enthusiastic workers.

  Master Blacksmith Exeter
The attending blacksmiths arrived from as far away as Northumberland and did sterling work to get the majority of the pieces attached.

Nigel's forge is a blacksmith's heaven, plus he was not only generously hospitable but enter- taming as well. The sight of the forges alight and Blacksmiths working in unison with such camaraderie was a wonderful lasting memory of the weekend.

Exeter Master Blacksmith


  Even after the weekend forge-in at Nigel's we still had an unfinished arch and very little time left so we decided to organise another day, this time at our forge in Essex, in order to complete the construction. Once more, generous and enthusiastic help arrived, some from far afield. People were well fed and watered... and the project was, well... .almost there...

The next step was to get a protective coating applied to the Arch, with shot blasting and zinc spraying being the best. We were recommended to try a company called Beevers in Kent. I sent them all the details and back came their wonderful reply that not only would they do this at short notice, but that they would not charge us as it was for '' charity. After discussion with Adrian, we decided the primary colour should be Light Admiralty Grey as we wanted something that would not hide the wonderful detail of the ironwork, be interesting and that would gel with the other colours we had planned to use.

Sue volunteered to paint the lettering, to use her artistic skills to add colour to aspects of the Arch and to highlight the beautifully intricate pieces which the blacksmiths had made. Nine days later and many steps up and down ladders, the Treloar's Arch was resplendent and ready for transportation to The Lord Mayor's Show!

  It was a privilege to be involved with the organisation of the project on behalf of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, the Lord Mayor's Show and Treloar School. Sue and I have been overwhelmed by the support we received from other blacksmiths many of whom were only givêñ the barest detail apart from measurements from which to work but they have used their skills to produce some outstanding pieces. They have also added a great deal to the original concept and the standard of their work is amazing — we should be very proud of all who contributed. We would also like to thank the Prime Warden Adrian Oliver for his continuous support and involvement throughout the project.

Exeter Master Blacksmith


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