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Making a wrought Iron gate

Wrought Iron Gates

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  Traditional and contemporary wrought iron gates can be made to order, to your design and measurements. Traditional gates typically have wrought iron ornamentation; scrolls, balls, flowers, etc. Whereas contemporary wrought iron gates are more modern in design.

Making a wrought iron gate
The wrought iron or steel must be cut to size, and then the iron frame is made by the blacksmith. When the frame is made from wrought iron, the forged parts of the gate can be added such as; wrought iron scrolls, balls, flowers and twists.

These iron parts are forged in the blacksmiths workshop called a forge and are then added to the gate. The parts are then fixed by rivets and collars of wrought iron or by forge welding. All of these will keep the gate together.

After doing all the forge work at the forge in Crediton, blacksmith Paul Gilbert can add 23ct gold leaf after the wrought iron gate is made.

How to make a wrought iron gate by Devon blacksmith Paul Gilbert
First the blacksmith must see the location where the wrought iron gate is going, the design of the gate will vary depending on the location so as to fit its surroundings.
Once the gate is made, Paul Gilbert, Devon blacksmith will fix it in place. All of Paul’s wrought iron gates are made by him, by hand at his forge in Crediton.


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