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Wrought Ironwork
Wrought Ironwork

Wrought Ironwork

Devon blacksmith Paul Gilbert makes fire pokers and fire side tools

How to make a rams head poker:

First the blacksmith needs to cut a length of wrought iron / steel to size, he must light his forge and then forge the 2 horns by getting the wrought iron hot in the forge and then splitting it and forging in to shape, then the blacksmith needs to forge the head and forge weld it.

Once this is done the eyes, mouth, nose can be forged in to the wrought iron rams head poker, the handle for the wrought iron poker can be twisted iron to twist the iron its to get very hot the forge. Crediton blacksmith Paul Gilbert makes pokers.

Devon blacksmith Paul Gilbert makes fire grates from 20mm round wrought iron bar. The fire grates/fire baskets are forged from 20 to 25mm wrought iron bar, the fire grates sit on fire dog made from 25mm wrought iron like the wrought iron gate it can be traditional or contemporary in the way it’s made by the blacksmith at the forge.

The forge is a hot, dirty plaice for hundreds of years blacksmiths have been forging iron from forging wrought iron nail, steel sword, blades for the farm, wrought iron wheels, to wrought iron gates.

The blacksmith s forge was passed farther to son and every blacksmith forge master was different in the way they would forge the wrought iron.

Paul's selection of Wrought Iron Fire Grates.


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